Thursday, March 19, 2009

how to prepare sunnipindi

Take 1/2 kg pesarlu(whole green gram) mix it with egg white and let it dry for a day.
Mix 15-20 pasupu kommulu(turmeric)
take 5-10 camphor(karpooram)
take 1/4 kg senagapappu(chick peas/chana dal)
add 20-30 leaves of pudina
grind everything and you can use it for bath instead of soap.

make a paste of this powder using either milk or curds and apply on the whole body,leave it for 30 minutes and wash it with plain water .you will notice the change within few days.use it thrice a week.while washing it off ,gently rub in circular motions and this will help you clear out the dead skin.while using this for kids don't rub just wash it with water.
this powder helps you even clearing the dark under arms.and elbows
this can be used a s a bath powder for babies also.

another tip for the improvement of color for new born babies is ,
take milk bread add milk and a bit of chandan rub gently on the baby and wash.if u do this for a couple of months u can see lot of improvement in the skin as well the color.

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